Demetri || 5 lbs 5.9oz || 19 in

Demetri is younger than his brother by 35 minutes.

He was called “baby B” during our ultrasounds after 20weeks. But to do this day, we will never know who was ‘hiding’ in our first ultrasound at 7 weeks- when we thought there was only 1 baby in there.

The criteria for choosing names is, apparently, “hella filipino” because we wanted each name to start with the first letter of our names – or the names they we by. Therefore-”A” and “D”

We named them alphabetically. “Baby A” would always be born first in a vaginal birth, so he became Aizen, therefore “Baby B” was born 2nd and so he was named Demetri.

When deciding upon names, dad wanted D’Angelo -so filipino, in that it combines both of our names together. He proposed this when we thought we were having a singleton, but I definitely vetoed it. And to this day, I’m still not sure if he was serious or not.

It was hard finding D names that we both liked. It was Damian for a while, but it kind of sounds like “devil” so when Demetri came along, Damian was quickly vetoed. Demetri’s name kinda came from a friend of his brothers. Heard it on the off chance and liked it. We also did not want the spelling to sound too russian so we vetoed dmtri or dimitri or demitri.

His middle name is my maiden name. — I didn’t want them to have hella names in their name (sooo filipino) and Dad wanted them to have my maiden name cause he hates that his middle name is a random name from a popular 80s band name, and not his mom’s maiden name like his brother’s and cousins.

When we finally shared the 2 names we were planning to give the boys to the very select few nurses and drs. in the operating room, we were met with much favor for Demetri’s name than Aizen’s name much to our surprise.



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