Aizen || 5 lbs 5.6oz || 19in

Aizen is older than his brother by 35 minutes.

He was called “baby A” during our ultrasounds after 20weeks. But to do this day, we will never know who was ‘hiding’ in our first ultrasound at 7 weeks- when we thought there was only 1 baby in there.

The criteria for choosing names is, apparently, “hella filipino” because we wanted each name to start with the first letter of our names – or the names they we by. Therefore-“A” and “D”

We named them alphabetically. “Baby A” would always be born first in a vaginal birth, so he became Aizen, therefore “Baby B” was born 2nd and so he was named Demetri.

When deciding upon names, dad wanted “Aiden/Aaden” or “Jaden,” but these name are way to popular and I absolutely did not want my kids to go around elementary school being called “Aiden/Aaden/Jaden — W (double-yoo)” so I crossed those off our list. Eventually, we were stumped and couldn’t think of a “A” name and were going to settle on “Aiden” but then Dad brought up the name Aizen from a japanese anime that we both love (he introduced it to me back when we first started dating). Aizen is the bad guy in the anime “Bleach.”

His middle name is my maiden name. — I didn’t want them to have hella names in their name (sooo filipino) and Dad wanted them to have my maiden name cause he hates that his middle name is a random name from a popular 80s band name, and not his mom’s maiden name like his brother’s and cousins.

Sadly – Dad and I didn’t foresee that the name “Aizen” is actually a japanese last name since in japanese, they address each other’s sur names rather than their given names. But we didn’t realize it because we weren’t sure if the translated anime that we were watching translated his name to be the american way or just as it is said. @_@ Anyhoo-we think it’s a japanese last name. Oops.

And also, sadly, we didn’t foresee any pronunciation challenges with Aizen’s name. And this aspect was a huge deciding factor bc of our very filipino family who would pronounce everything wrong, and because I have so many issues with my own name constantly being pronounced wrong -_-

But his name is pronounced “Eye-ZEN” but instead…everyone says “Ehz-zen” ……   -___-

Everyone at the hospital thought he was a girl because they thought his name was “Ehz-zen” And it annoys me that the kaiser recording pronounces it that way too. -_-


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